Shrinking Brain
Our niece sent us a link to a doctor talking about the diet we should be on to stop our brains from shrinking.
Also today the Alzheimers Daily News had a similar article.  " People with diets high in several vitamins or in omega 3 fatty acids are less likely to have the brain shrinkage associated with Alzheimer's disease than people whose diets are not high in those nutrients, according to a new study."
You really should check these ones out.

I hope you all had an enjoyable Christmas Day with family and friends.  We had a family gathering in Wellington, with part of our family and the Slade Family (our son's in-laws), with a total of 31 people I think.  I wore my ear plugs to muffle the sounds most of the time, and this worked quite well.  It seems to take a day or two for my brain to snap back to normal, so I'm doing lots of napping today in my cozy bed.  Nice way to spend the day, eh?
Newspaper Interview
I had a phone interview this morning with Paul Dalby of the Toronto Star.  This is a lead up to the Alzheimers Awareness campaign that the Alzheimers Society is presenting in January.  I always feel after these interviews that I rambled on way too much, and hope the interviewer is able to make some sense of my ramblings.  I really need to make a cheat sheet to use when I know I'm going to be interviewed. Hmm...seems to me I've said that before sometime!
Special Wish
To all our friends and family and to the hundreds of folks who come to visit our website, a special wish for you.

Faith makes all things possible,
Hope makes all things work,
Love makes all things beautiful,
May you have all three this Christmas.

Best of the season to you

Jim and Mary

Exciting entry in guestbook
I just had a very wonderful comment in my guestbook from Dr. Veronica Hutchings from Halifax, Nova Scotia.  It really made my day!  I hope you'll click on the guestbook and read what she had to say.  Looks like my tips and tricks for living with dementia are reaching a very wide audience these days. 
Moving Again
Here we are planning another move.  This time we're moving to an ALL SENIORS building, and there are no drug dealers living there!  The apartment building is called the Lorne Smart Villa, and sits right on the Napanee riverbank in the center of Napanee.  We had a viewing of our new apartment this morning and we're both very excited about our new home.  
Just in from Tim-Br Mart
What is a great contest to help minor league hockey teams compete to win a trip to the World Juniors in Alberta has been targeted by sophisticated hackers to influence voting counts, deny others access to the website and crash the site. We disabled voting methods most open to abuse, introduced several measures to increase security and relaunched the contest. This has not dissuaded ruthless and constant hacking attempts and Timbrtube was crashed in the early morning of November 22. We are working diligently to identify and deny access to any irregular or malicious site traffic. Due to the very nature of the world wide web, unfortunately it is impossible to build a website that is not vulnerable to attack. This has been illustrated in recent months by highly publicized hacking of several major government, corporate and financial institution websites. We are distressed that a contest for kids to win a trip of a lifetime has become the target of such sinister attacks. We will use every means at our disposal to continue the contest and the integrity of vote totals.


Votes needed for our grandson!!

Due to some voting scams they are restarting the Tim-BR Mart contest today and it continues until December 4th, 2011 at midnight.  You can vote every hour.  Our grandson's team video is "For the love of Canada, our game"
Your headline

Our grandson Jacob plays hockey for the Kanata Gladiators.  They are in a contest to get votes to send their whole team and parents to Edmonton for the World Junior Finals.  If you go to the following link and register, you can vote every hour until November 27th.  The video name is "for the love of Canada, our game", in case it doesn't pop up.


Lisa and Jacob
Bucket List
I follow the blog of a fellow FTD sufferer by the name of Bruce Bane.  This was his latest blog, which I thought was so neat.

There’s a movie called “The Bucket List.” As I understand it a “bucket list” is a list of things you want to do before you “kick the bucket” – die. In the movie one man helps another do the things on his list. Now, I’ll admit that I can think of things I’d like to do before I die, but if I made a list it would be of all the things I’ve enjoyed or been privileged to do: experiences I’ve had, places I’ve gone, people I’ve known, etc. It would be a long list and would include family and friends and relationships, trips I’ve taken, things I’ve seen and accomplishments. Not a “bucket list” but a “life I’ve lived” list. To me the “bucket list” feels like a sad thing to write, but a “life I’ve lived” list is full of gratitude and accomplishment. The longer a “bucket list” gets the harder it is to do those things. The longer a “life I’ve lived” list gets the fuller life is seen to be. No “bucket list” for me; no wishing this or that could have happened. Instead I’m thankful for the life I’ve lived, even with the bumps and twists along the way. Oh, and about my dementia... it's one of those bumps or twists and despite how it's affected my life and relationships, it doesn't define me. It can't erase anything that's gone before. It may end my life sooner than expected, but it can't take my life away from me.

Nearly back to normal
Nov. 10/11
My head is finally back to normal after our Toronto trip and filming of the alzheimer infomercial. The filming went well, but after nearly an hour of speaking into the camera, I hardly knew who I was.  
A lady in Nova Scotia has signed my guestbook, and is wondering if my speech from the Changing Melody Forum is available to use at Alzheimer Cafes...and I've just found out that MAREP has just had some CD's made, so Alzheimers offices just have to ask Lisa for a copy.
I'm delighted that so many are finding my suggestions helpful. 
"Peace of Mind" Shoes
November 7, 2011
The latest news on the alzheimers front is an innovative shoe equipped with GPS.  What a very neat idea to have when wandering becomes an issue.  Check it out here:
Jim and I are off to Toronto today.  The Alzheimer's Society is producing a public  service announcement for the January campaign about the benefits of early diagnosis, and have asked me to be a part of it. This public service announcement will be on  both TV and radio all across the country.
What was that?
Nov. 4/11
Several times over the years I've woken in the night from a loud noise in my head. Upon research I'm finding the following:

Exploding head syndrome is a parasomnia condition that causes the sufferer occasionally to experience a tremendously loud noise as originating from within his or her own head, usually described as the sound of an explosion. Attacks are also often accompanied by perceived flashes of light. The cause of the exploding head syndrome (EHS) is not known, though some physicians have reported a correlation with stress or extreme fatigue.

Another theory is that it may be the result of a form of minor seizure in the temporal lobe, where the nerve cells for hearing are located.

I guess since I'm certainly not suffering from either stress or fatigue, it could possibly have something to do with my shrinking brain.

Happy Birthday Jim
November 2, 2011
Jim has made it to 64.  Only one more year and he's finally a SENIOR! 
No big plans for the day, but since it is so nice we might head down to the trailer to put a winter cover on the kayak. 
Could only happen to me!
Oct. 30/2011
Jim and I went to Walmart today, just for a wee outing.  We went our separate ways each with a walkie talkie in our pockets.  I was trying on fall jackets, hoping to find one for the in between season, when my blouse somehow got stuck in the zipper.  I struggled for nearly five minutes with no luck.   I called Jim on the walkie talkie, and told him I needed help in the Ladies Wear.  He arrived, expecting to have to give his opinion on something, only to find me nearly in tears, caught in a jacket! Remind me not to bother trying on a that would really be embarrassing!
Back to the Vitamin C issue
According to Dr Linus Pauling, often referred to as the "Father of Vitamin C" and twice awarded the Nobel Prize, declared that large intakes of up to 10 grams of vitamin C each day aids anti-cancer activity within the body

"In my opinion adults should be taking at least 2 grams a day. There is much evidence about increased health with 2 grams a day, and of course even more with 4 or 6 grams a day. Even an extra 60mg had been shown to add value in cutting down the death rate from heart disease, cancer and other diseases. Now my feeling is as people grow older they ought to be increasing their vitamin C and perhaps they should follow the policy that I have followed of increasing the intake.

It can be either one chunk, one dose in the morning, or even better 3 doses throughout the day, increasing the intake until a laxative effect is observed, speeding up the rate of elimination of waste material from the bowel. So my suggestion is every person who wants to have the best of health should increase the intake of vitamin C to somewhat less than the amount that causes significant looseness of the bowel."

My sister has followed this advice for years, taking 1000mg morning and night, and increasing her dose to 4000mg a day when she has a cold coming on.  It seems to be working for her, so I better increase my dosage as well!

Brain exercise
Oct. 26, 2011
I had noticed that Simple Site was offering their users the opportunity to have their own personal website. After several hours of trying out various ideas, we've decided on:    drum roll:

How neat is that?
And an added feature is we can have our own personalized email addresses:

Now we'll work on making our new website a joint effort, and I'll teach Jim how to add stuff to his pages!

Vitamin C and Alzheimers
Oct. 25, 2011
Researchers at Lund University in Sweden have discovered a new function for vitamin C. Treatment with vitamin C can dissolve the toxic protein aggregates that build up in the brain in Alzheimer’s disease. The research findings are now being presented in the Journal of Biological Chemistry.  I'm wondering how much vitamin C we should be taking then.  Obviously 500mg daily isn't working.  You can view the article here:
Emotional Lability
Oct. 24, 2011
I was reading some posts in the FTD forum.  I came across an article talking about emotional lability and FTD.  My neurologist put me on an antidepressant when I had told her I was struggling sometimes with outbursts of anger back in the spring.  And here I find that it is a very common symptom of FTD....  "a tiny argument can lead to an outburst of anger, out of all proportion to the cause, and even end in physical aggression".  And here I was worried there was something wrong with me...and all along it was just a part and parcel of FTD.  Go figure eh?  Poor Jim!!
Before and After
Oct. 23, 2011
Can you imagine what I would have looked like speaking at the Changing Melody if I hadn't worn my "bib"?  That is the steak sauce that dripped out of my delicious steak on a bun!  The Oxford Changing Melody Forum was a wonderful experience, and congratulations go to all those involved in making it such a special day. 

Oct. 21, 2011
Well, here we are at Woodstock, Ontario.  EconoLodge was supposed to have reserved a room for us with two beds, however they didn't have one available, so they gave us two rooms for the price of one.  We're quite delighted to actually have two rooms instead of we don't have to listen to each other snore!  Jim's afraid I'm always going to want to have two rooms now when we go anywhere!
I'm Back
Well, here I am back at my original journal.
I really missed a lot of the features here, and hopefully I can make this website work for me again.

I've been reading over my speech for the Changing Melody Forum at Woodstock which is Saturday...and hopefully I'm ready to go.